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Personal Loans

Home Lending Personal Loans

Custom Lending Solutions to Fit You!

You never know what life will bring your way. In those big moments, it’s good to know you have a trusted community lender on your side.

Farmers Savings Bank’s personal lending team are experts in helping you identify exactly what type of financing you need. This ensures you get the right loan, and you aren’t wasting money on ill-fitting solutions.

Personal Loans

From weddings and home improvements to a dream vacation and other larger purchases, a personal loan from Farmers Savings Bank gives you the financing you need in a package suited to fit your budget. Not only will our experienced lenders guide you from start to finish, but all of our personal loans come with great benefits:

Hometown Banking
That Meets Your Needs

  • Several credit card options available. View Options
  • Prompt approval, generally less than 24 hours- no waiting for weeks wondering if you’re approved!
  • Repayment terms designed to help you save interest over the life of the loan
  • Competitive interest rates- special rates available on some types of loans for customers in good standing!
  • Flexible collateral requirements
  • Personalized service- we’re here to help when you need it!

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Student Loans

Higher education has never been more important…or expensive. Farmers Savings Bank has partnered with Sallie Mae to provide students in our communities the financial means to afford a college education.

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Meet Your Local Lender

With decades of combined experience in personal lending, our loan officers can identify the best solution to fulfill your exact needs.

    • Patrick W. Forsyth

      Patrick W. Forsyth

      Sr. Vice President/Loan Officer

      NMLS: 509573
      Location: Dodgeville Phone: (608) 935-9988 Contact Me
    • Matthew J. Staver

      Matthew J. Staver

      Vice President/Loan Officer/Dodgeville Branch Manager

      NMLS: 608943
      Location: Dodgeville Phone: (608) 935-9988 Contact Me
    • Cherie L. Davis

      Cherie L. Davis

      Asst Vice President/Loan Officer

      NMLS: 509572
      Location: Mineral Point Phone: (608) 987-3321 Contact Me
    • Suzanne Nechkash

      Suzanne Nechkash

      Vice President / Loan Officer

      NMLS: 509566
      Location: Mineral Point Phone: (608) 987-3321 Contact Me
    • Ashley Tibbits

      Ashley Tibbits

      Loan Officer

      NMLS: 1096570
      Location: Mineral Point Phone: (608) 987-3321 Contact Me
    • Joseph L. Witmer

      Joseph L. Witmer

      President - Director

      NMLS: 446745
      Location: Mineral Point Phone: (608) 987-3321 Contact Me
    • Andrew Baber

      Andrew Baber

      Asst Vice President, Loan Officer

      NMLS: 222749
      Location: Mount Horeb Phone: (608) 437-2284 Contact Me
    • L. Dale Hatfield

      L. Dale Hatfield

      Sr. Vice President/Loan Officer/Mt Horeb Branch Manager

      NMLS: 509571
      Location: Mount Horeb Phone: (608) 437-2265 Contact Me