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When it comes to your finances, simple is better! Farmers Savings Bank offers a number of card-based products, including credit cards to enhance your ability to make purchases and provide more convenience than carrying around cash or a checkbook.

Credit Cards

Farmers Savings Bank Visa® Platinum Cash Rewards Card earn cash back on every purchase.


Let all those purchases work for you, with a cash back rewards card from FSB! 

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Visa Gift Card

Your VISA Gift Card can be used immediately -- no activation of card required. Gift Cards can be purchased in amounts between $10.00 and $500.00; fee to load = $3.95. VISA Gift Cards can be used wherever VISA prepaid cards are accepted. The cards DO NOT have a PIN--cannot be used for ATM, Debit, cash back or cash advance transactions. VISA Gift Cards cannot be reloaded or renewed.

Lost Card Information

If your Farmers Savings Bank Credit Card has been lost or stolen, please call one of the following numbers:

Lost Bankers Bank Credit Card call 877-636-8244 or email

During evenings, weekends, or holidays, please call:

Lost Elan Credit Card -- Contact Elan Card Member Service (800) 558-3424


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